Carbon-free aviation


Hydrogen Fuel Cell & 10X endurance

High energy density of Hydrogen (120 MJ/Kg) with Fuel Cells for Green propulsion & 10X Long duration flight.

Autonomous & Quiet propulsion

"Computer Vision & AI" and Cutting edge Aerofoil designs to mitigate noise to make it ready for "nature friendly autonomous" missions.

On a mission to make Aviation

"Cleaner (Zero Pollution), Quieter and Efficient"

our applications

We cater to the industries that are planning to take the advantage of long flight duration (20X of current feasible flight time) and our planet friendly (zero-pollution).

Forestry & Agriculture
Energy & Utilities
Public Safety & Emergency Services
Drone Deliveries
Surveying & Mapping
Infrastructure & Transportation
Mining & Aggregates

Explore The World

Aviation made human fly without boundaries !! 

We are trying to make Vertical-Takeoff-and-Landing (VTOL) & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)  fly longer (10X flight duration)  with zero-pollution.