Carbon-free aviation

On a mission to make Aviation

"Cleaner (Zero Pollution), Quieter and Efficient"


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

High energy density (120 MJ/Kg) Hydrogen with Fuel Cell chemical reaction for Green propulsion & 20X Long duration flight.

Aero Dynamics

Cutting edge Aerofoil designs to mitigate noise while balancing thrust to give Air Operations a pleasant endeavor for everyone.

Explore The World

Aviation made human fly without boundaries !! We are trying to make Drones fly across boundaries (20X flight duration)  with zero-pollution.

our applications

We cater to the industries that are planning to take the advantage of long flight duration (20X of current feasible flight time) and our planet friendly (zero-pollution).

Forestry & Agriculture
Energy & Utilities
Public Safety & Emergency Services
Drone Delivery
Surveying & Mapping
Infrastructure & Transportation
Mining & Aggregates